Franciscan Minister Provincial Speaks at a Pro-life Fundraiser

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The Political Action Committee for the Civil Rights for Unborn Children is a grassroots organization that raises funds for pro-life candidates running for elected offices in the United States. Recently the organization held a breakfast at the Castle of Knights in Chicopee, Massachusetts to raise funds for its effort. Nearly 150 concerned people attended the event. They ate a fine meal and listened to a very thoughtful guest speaker, Franciscan Friar Conventual James McCurry.

Friar James McCurry is the Minister Provincial of Our Lady of the Angels Province, a jurisdiction that includes the Eastern United States and Canada. He hails originally from the Springfield-area. His province’s provincial house is in Ellicott City, Maryland.

In his talk to the breakfast attendees, Friar James remarked that we must protect the rights of the most vulnerable. And the most vulnerable members of our society are unborn children. They depend on us. Having met St. Teresa of Calcutta, Friar James also spoke about her efforts to protect the unborn.

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Students Want to Talk About God and Religion

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Friars Tom Czeck and Paul Gawlowski are respectively the pastor and parochial vicar of Our Lady of Grace Parish in Castro Valley, California. On a recent Sunday the two Franciscans Conventual led the first of a number of meetings of the Alpha program.

Consisting of exciting videos on our Roman Catholic faith, the Alpha program at Our Lady of Grace Parish also includes meals and conversations on various topics. High School students are able to ask frank questions about their faith and religion in general.

It is important that parishes engage young people about their faith. As they move through high school, young people face many challenges that shape their identity. Their parents and churches must support them so that no matter how complicated their situations may become they will always know that God and their fellow parishioners are supporting them.

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A Video on How to Discern Your Vocation

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This summer Friar Jerome Mary Westenberg renewed his First Vows at St. Joseph of Cupertino Friary in Dingley, Victoria, Australia. He is a citizen of that country. In the video that we include below Friar Jerome reflects on his vocation discernment. He points out that we discern our vocations through prayer and worship but also in moments of everyday life. He goes on to say that he opened himself to God completely so that even while he was reading for pleasure he could gain insight to his vocation.

If you are beginning your vocation discernment and feel called towards Franciscan life, then we invite you to get in touch with our vocation directors. You will be able to reach them through our Talk to a Friar online form. Our vocation directors live across the continental United States and will answer all your questions on discernment. Our website will meanwhile inform you about St. Francis of Assisi and the history of the Order that he founded.

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99 Year Old Friar Continues to Find Joy in Franciscan Life

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Franciscan Friar Conventual Maurus Hauer epitomizes the idea of living your vocation. Having turned 99 years old earlier this month, Friar Maurus is the oldest Franciscan Conventual in North America. He has been a solemnly professed friar since 1942 and a priest since 1945. More than 70 years into his Franciscan vocation, he continues to find joy in the life to which God called him.

Friar Maurus resides on Mount St. Francis, Indiana. It was here that he began to attend the Minor Seminary and thinking about becoming a priest after a conversation with a teacher. His life as a friar and a priest took him to the United States Southwest and throughout southern Indiana. It gave him many wonderful opportunities. One of these was baptizing more than 2000 people over the years.

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Vietnamese Franciscans Embrace Their Faith With Gusto as Their Order’s Mission Grows

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Friar Paul Schloemer is a Franciscan Conventual and a Formation Director for Our Lady of Consolation Province in the United States Mid and Southwest. Originally from Virginia, he loves to travel, meet people, and help them understand their vocation from God. He lives in San Antonio, Texas.


Earlier this year, Friar Paul had the opportunity to travel to Vietnam and spend time learning Vietnamese while living with his Franciscan brothers and serving local people. The Vietnamese Franciscans’ generosity and kindness made Paul feel right at home. The power of their faith inspired his own. You can see a number of friars singing at Mass in the video above. These men have embraced the Gospel life and sing with spiritual gusto. They are grateful to the friars from St. Joseph of Cupertino Province in California and Nevada for their continuous support as their mission in Vietnam grows.

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