Bishop of Savannah Confirms Many Young People Across His 37,000 Square Mile Diocese

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Franciscan Friar Conventual Gregory Hartmayer is the 14th Bishop of Savannah, Georgia. His Episcopal Ordination took place on October 18, 2011. In the almost five years that have gone by since the ordination, Bishop Hartmayer has worked hard to serve the people of his diocese. He always listens to their concerns, helps them as best he can, and inspires them to embrace their faith.

This month, the Buffalo, New York native has been traveling to parishes across the Diocese of Savannah and confirming young men and woman who are eagerly embracing and living their faith. Yesterday, he confirmed young adults at St. John the Evangelist Parish in Valdosta. The day before, he did the same at St. Anthony of Padua Parish in Ray City. On Sunday, Conception Parish in Moultrie welcomed their bishop to their young people’s confirmation.

Bishop Hartmayer’s travel schedule is intense. But he takes joy in getting to know the young people he is about to confirm. They are the future of the Church and he will always support them.

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In Dearborn, Students Find Spiritual Support at a Franciscan-run Newman Center

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Franciscan Friar Conventual Tony Fox is the Campus Minister at the University of Michigan and Henry Ford College in Dearborn. He works at the Gabriel Richard Catholic Newman Center, which is open to students from both institutions.

The center is a spiritually active place. Masses, confession, adoration, Bible study, nights of prayer and other events are all part of its weekly schedule.  Friar Tony inspires his students to greater faith also through Facebook. On the Gabriel Richard Center’s Facebook account he posts thoughtful spiritual messages.

The most recent one reflects on Pentecost. It points out that during this celebration we remember that God is with us at all times. It also alludes to the importance of our church communities. As parishioners we need each other for strength and support in difficult and happy times.

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In El Paso Faith Communities Are Preparing to Help Cuban Refugees

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Refugees from the Communist dictatorship of Cuba have started arriving in El Paso, Texas. Some sources believe that thousands of Cubans traveling through Central America and Mexico could make their way to the United States by way of El Paso. They have undertaken this very risky journey because they are worried that the recent improvement in relations between the United States and Cuba might bar them from pursuing a better life in America.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish (Ysleta Mission) in El Paso and other faith communities in the region are coordinating an effort to help the Cuban refugees find shelter, food and other necessary services. Franciscan Friar Conventual Miguel Briseno – the pastor of Ysleta Mission – and other concerned El Paso residents know that people who cross the border into the US and have nowhere to go must be helped. It’s the right thing to do.

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A Decade of Service to the Diocese of Oakland

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Franciscan Friar Conventual Robert Herbst hails from Joliet, Illinois but calls Castro Valley, California home. He lives there in a friary with his Franciscan brothers.

Friar Robert is the Chancellor and Judicial Vicar at the Diocese of Oakland. He has been fulfilling this ministry for 10 years. His extensive education has prepared him for this legal role. Friar Robert holds a Licentiate in Canon Law from The Catholic University of America (Washington, D.C.) and a Doctorate in Canon Law from The Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Rome, Italy).

Previous to his legal work for the Diocese of Oakland, Friar Robert had taken on a variety of other ministries that brought him into contact with many different and interesting people. At St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, for example, Friar Robert worked as a confessor. At Santa Maria Church in Orinda, California he was a parochial administrator; in Hermosa Beach, he served local police officers as their chaplain.

These are only several of Friar Robert’s ministries. He approached each one with the focus of doing good for his community. He does the same in his current ministry too.

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A Retreat to Help You Live Your Faith Intensely Even During Busy Weekdays

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The Franciscan Friars Conventual are inviting you to their Live the Fourth Retreat on July 9, 2016 at the Mount St. Francis Center for Spirituality in Mount St. Francis, Indiana.

The term Live the Fourth refers to the Cursillo Retreats final day during which participants re-embrace with greater spiritual vigor our Catholic faith. Sometimes, however, after we return to our day-to-day routine with our countless responsibilities the intensity of our faith decreases. This happens because we are distracted.

The Franciscans’ Live the Fourth Retreat on July 9 will reenergize your faith and provide you with tools to Life the Fourth every day of your life. Friars will also be on hand to engage in relaxed conversations on faith and life with retreatants. Everyone will also have the opportunity to slow down the pace of their daily existence by enjoying the hundreds of acres of woodland trails that surround the Mount St. Francis Center for Spirituality.

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