Minister Provincial from Indiana Flies to California for Professions of First Vows

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Friar Jim Kent is the Franciscan Conventual Minister Provincial of Our Lady of Consolation Province, a jurisdiction that encompasses the Mid- and Southwestern United States. Its provincial house is located on Mount St. Francis in Indiana.

Last week, however, Friar Jim found himself in San Luis Obispo County, California. His Order’s novitiate is located in Arroyo Grande. In nearby Pismo Beach, the Franciscans serve at St. Paul the Apostle Parish where seven friars from across the United States and beyond (their names are Jacob, Jaime, Brian, Marco, Roberson, Timothy and Franck) who had just finished their time in the novitiate professed their First Vows. The ceremony took place on July 21, 2016.

In a Profession of First Vows, a friar commits himself to Franciscan life for up to three years. He professes the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience into the hands of his Minister Provincial. Friar Jacob and Jaime, hailing from Our Lady of Consolation Province, therefore professed their vows into Friar James’ hands.

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Brooklyn Franciscan Will Become A Deacon Next Month

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Franciscan Friar Conventual Nick Spano is the Director of the San Damiano Mission in Brooklyn, New York. Beginning its service in the winter of 2015, the mission reaches out to all people and especially those who feel alone and isolated and have no other person they can confide in.

Friar Nick enjoys his outreach work a lot because through it he is living his vocation. On August 6, 2016, he will immerse himself more deeply in his call from God when is ordained to the diaconate. His friends, family, and Franciscan brothers are excited about this important occasion.

In fact, Friar Nick’s former ministry site, Assumption Parish in Syracuse, New York, will be thinking of him on the day of his ordination. Friar Nick was the director of its soup kitchen and food pantry as well as the Fat Friar Cookies project. Assumption’s pastor, Friar Rick Riccioli will drive to Brooklyn for the Nick’s ordination. Other parishioners might join him on this journey.

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Friar from Texas Travels to Vietnam to Help His Franciscan Brothers

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A Franciscan’s life is always an adventure. Friar Paul Schloemer, for example, is the formation director for the Franciscan Conventual Our Lady of Consolation Province. He lives in San Antonio, Texas. The province encompasses the US Mid- and Southwest.

On June 29, 2016, Friar Paul found himself at George HW Bush Airport in Houston embarking on a journey to Vietnam where he is spending five weeks. The Order of Friars Minor Conventual has a thriving mission in Vietnam. Many men feel called to the Franciscan life of community and service in the country. Their ministries include comforting men and women suffering from Hansen’s Disease, giving food to the poor, running summer camps for children, and generally responding to anyone in need. Friar Paul is helping them in their work.

If you would like to learn more about the Franciscans’ work in Vietnam, then please visit their Facebook page. On it you will find many photos and stories that will introduce you to our Vietnamese friars, their work and the country they call home.

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Franciscan Bishop’s Radio Show Invites a Philosopher to Help Listeners Understand Ethics in Today’s Complicated World

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Bishop William P. Callahan of La Crosse, Wisconsin is a Franciscan Conventual Friar. He has been serving the people of the Diocese of La Crosse as bishop for six years.

Keeping with the Franciscan tradition of using technology to bring our faith to as many people as possible, Bishop Callahan hosts and supports the Connecting the Diocese radio show, which airs on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Recently, Connecting the Diocese featured a conversation with Dr. Richard Kyte from Viterbo University in La Crosse. Dr. Kyte is the Endowed Professor and Director of the D.B. Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership. He holds a doctorate in philosophy from The Johns Hopkins University.

On Connecting the Diocese, he helped define the idea of ethics and discussed the effects of technology on human behaviour among other topics. You can find Dr. Richard Kyte’s episode of Connecting the Diocese here.

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Franciscan Novices Move to California

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Pedro, Brian, Roberson, Jaime, Marco, Jacob, Timothy and Franck - the eight Franciscan Conventual novices from The St. Francis of Assisi Novitiate - recently relocated from Mishawaka, Indiana to Arroyo Grande, California. Friars Giles Zakowicz, Maurice Richard, and Alex B Cymerman continue to care for and guide the novices in their new California home as they did in Indiana.

Friars who have been serving in Arroyo Grande and surrounding regions are delighted to have the novices as well as Friars Giles, Maurice and Alex in their midst. St. Paul Parish in Pismo Beach, where Friar Victor Abegg is pastor, also happily welcomes the group and looks forward to seeing the newly arrived Franciscans at Masses.

Already, the parish is preparing for an exciting celebration in which the novices will play a central role. On July 21, 2016, they will profess their First Vows at St. Paul’s. A Profession of First Vows asks a friar to live in poverty, chastity and obedience for a period of three years.

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