Friar is Ready for the Priesthood

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On the weekend of February 14, 2015, Conventual Franciscan Friar Gabriel Scasino will be ordained to the priesthood at St. Philip Benizi Parish in Jonesboro, Georgia where he currently resides. Bishop Gregory Hartmayer of Savannah, Georgia will ordain Friar Gabriel. Like Gabriel Bishop Hartmayer is a Conventual Franciscan Friar who also served at St. Philip Benizi Parish in the past.

Friar Gabriel’s current ministry is that of chaplain at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School in Fayetteville. The New Haven, Connecticut native is active at St. Philp Benizi Parish too. He assists at Masses and during various parish events.

Friar Gabriel is thoughtful, friendly and easy to talk to. He is already inspiring people he meets to grow in their faith and will inspire many others when he becomes a priest. In this video from 2013, he recounts his vocation story with the Conventual Franciscan Friars.

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New Rector Arrives at St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral in Reno, Nevada

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On a recent Saturday (January 17, 2015), parishioners from St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral in Reno, Nevada gathered for a celebration at their church to welcome their new rector Conventual Franciscan Friar Jacob Carazo.

First the community worshipped at the 5pm Mass and then attended a potluck dinner where Friar Jacob had a chance to further acquaint himself with his parishioners.

Friar Jacob arrived at St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral from St. Paul’s Parish in San Pablo, California where he had been active for many years. He knows St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral very well however because he was ordained to the priesthood there.

Friar Francisco Nahoe served as rector of St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral until Friar Jacob took over the ministry on January 1, 2015. Friar Francisco had a close relationship with the community and inspired many people to grow in their faith. He now works as mission promoter and is also the chair of the Provincial Commission for Missionary Development.

(Source of image: SJC Province.)

Franciscans’ Custody in the British Isles is Attracting Vocation Prospects and Helping Friars Live Out Their Call

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Blessed Agnellus of Pisa Custody encompasses the United Kingdom and Ireland. Its custos Friar Peter Damian Massengill is dedicated to the wellbeing and growth of the custody. Originally from the United States, he finds support from Our Lady of the Angels Province, a Conventual Franciscan jurisdiction in the eastern United States and Canada.

Blessed Agnellus of Pisa Custody is thriving. Within the last six months several men who reside in the British Isles have taken key steps in their vocation journeys within the Order. Friar James McInerney from County Cork in Ireland, for example, became a deacon and is now serving at a parish in Dublin. Bishop Denis Brennan ordained him to this ministry in Wexford (also Ireland).

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Irish Sea, Brian Tougher and Marco Didden entered the Conventual Franciscans’ postulancy program in Oxford, England. The men will now live in a friary for about a year where they will pray with friars, undertake various duties around the friary, learn about the Order of Friars Minor Conventual and continue discerning their vocation.

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El Paso Parish is 335 Years Old

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Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish in El Paso, Texas is celebrating 335 years of service to the men, women and children of the southwest. Conventual Franciscan Friar Miguel Briseno is the current pastor of the parish. He will oversee three days of festivities (from October 9 to 11, 2015) honoring the parish as well as its school.


Diocesan priests, Conventual Franciscans and religious sisters who have served at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish in the past will visit the parish for the anniversary celebration. They will enjoy a reception and a Mass. The community will also hold a procession on one of the days as well as a prayer service.


Over the 335 years of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish’s existence many historic events have transpired. The United States came into existence and Mexico did too. Life was often painful but people persevered with their faith in the Lord. Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish offered them support as it does to parishioners today in the 21st century.


(Source of image with story: Ysleta Mission.)

Excellent New Homily Series Coming at the End of January 2015

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Friar John Bamman is the vocation director for Our Lady of Consolation Province in the Mid- and Southwestern United States. Like his fellow Conventual Franciscan vocation directors across the country, he meets with men who are discerning vocations to the Order of Friars Minor Conventual. He also lives the Gospel life, helps bring our faith to people he encounters, and spreads the idea that we must all consider God’s vocation in our lives. The Lord has something in mind for all of us.

This is in part what Friar John’s new ministry with is about. Once a month starting on January 29, Friar John will post homilies on the website, inspirational pieces that help you deepen your faith and consider your vocation. will carry these homilies too.

And to inaugurate Friar John’s monthly series, we include with this article his first homily. In the homily, Friar John touches on the idea of St. Francis of Assisi learning the Gospel so that he could live the Gospel life; he also urges us to accept God’s plan for us so that through it we may bring light into the world.

(Source of image: OLC Province.)