Franciscans Answer Key Vocation Questions

Written by Peter Rajchert on . Posted in NA Provinces


We introduce to you today our new video series on vocations. Our Conventual Franciscan vocation directors from across the United States will answer questions on video that many young people might be thinking about before they start exploring religious life.

In our first series installment (above) Friar Andy Martinez discusses the differences between discerning diocesan life and life with a religious community. He points out that a young man must first and foremost follow his heart during discernment. But generally those who enter diocesan life tend to serve communities closer to their home. Men who become religious are usually excited by the founder of their Order as well as its charism. They often take on a variety of ministries that ask of them to relocate across the country and sometimes around the world.

In the second instalment in our video vocation series, Friar Andy Martinez addresses the differences between a friar-priest and a friar who remains a brother. Friar-priests are Franciscans who are called to the priesthood and perform sacramental work. Friars who remain brothers have greater leeway in what sort of ministries they take on. They work as doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, and in many other professions, all with the purpose of making the world around them a better place.

Friar Andy Martinez is one of two vocation directors for Our Lady of Consolation Province, a Conventual Franciscan jurisdiction that includes portions of the US Mid- and Southwest. He is responsible for vocations in New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma. You can reach him here. Our other vocation directors across the United States meanwhile are available through this online form. Their vocation videos will appear on in the coming days and weeks.


The third instalment in our vocation video series (see above) is titled When Should I Call a Vocation Director? In this video, Friar Russell Governale discusses the earliest days of one's vocation discernment.

In the fourth instalment of our vocation video series (above), Friar Russell Governale answers the question How Long is the Franciscan Formation Process and What Does it Entail?

Friar Russell Governale is the vocation director for Our Lady of the Angels Province. This jurisdiction covers the Eastern United States and Canada. You can reach him here.


Today, we present to you the fifth instalment of our vocation video series (it is above). In the video, Friar Paul Gawlowski describes to us the Franciscan vow of chastity.

Friar Paul Gawslowski also presents the sixth instalment of our vocation video series (above). In this video, he recounts the history of the Franciscan Order and points out why it is different from other Orders. Friar Paul the vocation director for St. Joseph of Cupertino Province in the Western United States. You can contact him here.


Friar John Bamman presents the fifth instalment in our vocation video series above. In this video, he answers the following question: How do I Find the Right Community for Me? Friar John is the vocation director for the Midwestern region of Our Lady of Consolation Province in the United States.


Friar Hans Flondor hosts the sixth video in our vocation series. It is above. In the video he reflects on the idea of discerning a vocation to be a friar or a priest. 


We feature today a video by Friar John Bamman (see above). If you are wondering how you can talk to God to understand in a profound way what your vocation is, then please watch this film.