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The cord that Conventual Francsican Friars wear around their habits has three knots in it. These knots represent the Franciscan vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. Friars profess these vows during first their Simple and then Solemn Professions. As solemnly professed friars, they have spent a number of years in formation and know that God is calling them to be Conventual Franciscans for the rest of their lives. Brother Joseph Wood tells us more about the vows in the video below.



Professions, by the way, are deeply moving ceremonies in which the professing friar radiates joy, knowing that he is following the right path in life. They take place within a Mass and are a celebration, attended by other friars, friends and family members of the professing Franciscan.


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If you are wondering about the formation process with the Conventual Franciscan Friars, then this webpage as well as this selection of videos are the place for you. It all starts with prayers and conversations with our vocation directors. These men help guide you in your journey of discernment. As you open yourself up to the Lord, you slowly begin to understand His calling for you.


Now you have an idea of what the Franciscan vows are. If you feel that a friar’s life is right for you, then send our vocation directors an email. They will respond to you shortly thereafter. Perhaps you also know someone who would make a good friar. If you do then tell them to visit franciscans.org. They will be glad that you did.


(Source of images with story: OLA Province and OLC Province.)