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Meet our Student- Antonio Moualeu

Meet Antonio Moualeu, our postulant from Our Lady of the Angels. He was born on March 9th in Douala, Cameroon, he then came to Dallas, TX in 2004 and meet the Conventual Franciscans in Atlanta, GA. He is currently in the St. Bonaventure House of Studies in Chicago, IL. Antonio enjoys to play sports such as tennis, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and hiking. He also likes going to watch movies and listen to music. Antonio helps in several ministries including the St. Stanislaus Kostka Soup Kitchen, St. Thomas of Canterbury School, and The St. Joseph Home for the Elderly. He enjoys seeing how growing in love of God through Franciscan community life pours into ministry.

His advice to all who may be discerning is:

"Our primary call is the call to love, to be saints, followers and imitators of Christ. The time to do God's will is always now. Through prayer, we constantly draw close and unite ourselves with the omnipresent God who constantly speaks to us, in a myriad of ways. Answering one's call to a certain vocation is another "yes" to the unveiling invitation from God to love. We have great examples of this in the lives of Christ, our Blessed Mother, and saints like St. Francis of Assisi."

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