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Fraternity at The Mega Conference of Franciscan Vocation Directors

(L to R): Friar Mario Serrano, Friar Andy Martinez, Friar Russell Governale, Friar John Bamman, Friar Hans Flondor, Friar Victor Abegg

The Vocation Directors of North America (with the exception of Fr. Jobe Abbass of Canada --who is on official business there) are meeting at the MegaConference of Franciscan Vocation Directors of the First and Third Order Regular.   We are meeting to continue learning the best ways to serve the men who are interested in our way of life.  This is a great moment of fraternity among all of us, Franciscan brothers.   We are praying for all those interested in our way of life and invite these men to contact the vocation directors for further accompaniment.


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