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Vows During a Pandemic

A reflection by friar Roberto Macias

During this time of uncertainty in all aspects of our society, I feel privileged and blessed to be able to form part of a community that is very much concerned about times like these. They are all willing to provide the support needed, whether spiritual or physical, to soothe and comfort our afflictions during this time. Professing vows during a pandemic was strange, especially because I professed vows in my hometown. It was a challenging experience not being able to be with the people that were going to be present, however, the support and love we received when we got back really showed us that we were missed very much during the past year, especially from family members and close friends.

I think God chooses us according to our times.  Our world will come to be afflicted by wars, pandemics, political and civil unrest, and God will endure, for God sees it fit for his kingdom to endure. I found it difficult to adjust to life outside of the novitiate at first because I was just getting a taste of the ability to free roam after a whole year of not being able to do so as easily. I think adjustment and patience went in hand to gracefully go back to everyday life.

As of right now, I am starting my first semester at St. Mary’s University pursuing my bachelor’s degree in International and Global Studies. I am taking in consideration majoring in Philosophy also. I am currently helping with vocation promotion at our local friary as well as looking to probably help at our local parish of Holy Family in San Antonio.

So far it has been a smooth transition from the novitiate to San Damiano Friary. I ask for your prayers for all of us in formation, those starting, those halfway there, and those finishing up. I pray for the safety of all during this pandemic time, Paz y Bien!

Friar Roberto professed his first vows on July 15th in El Paso, TX along with his two friar brothers Friar Alex and Friar Joshua.  


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