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Friar Christopher Dudek's Ordination

On Saturday, April 27th Friar Christopher Dudek was ordained to the Sacred Order of the Priesthood through the imposition of hand and the invocation of the Holy Spirit by Bishop Mitchell Rozanski at the Basilica of St. Stanislaus, Bishop & Martyr, in Chicopee, Maryland. He was joined by his fraternal community and family. He later celebrated his Mass of Thanksgiving at 4pm at his home parish, St. Stanislaus. A few days later, on April 30th he shared Mass with the students of Archbishop Curley High School where he is a Campus Minister and Theology Instructor. Friar Christopher has a Mass of Thanksgiving planned on May 12th at St. Casmir Church in Baltimore, MD.

Congratulations and blessings to the Friar Christopher!

If you would like more information about the Franciscan life, reach out to one of our Vocation Directors, HERE.


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