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Finding Daily Lepers

Friars around the United States incorporate their Franciscan vows and way of life into ministries they are called to serve. Friar Matthew Foley, is the director of Campus Ministry and a Theology/Department Chair at Archbishop Curley High School in Baltimore, Maryland. He is also the current Guardian of Immaculate Heart of Mary Friary. St. Francis’ life was changed when he embraced the leper. St. Francis went out to the poor and the least to bring them peace and God’s grace. Friar Matthew encourages his students to find their own leper and allow God to do good things in their life. Along with his students, he ran a food drive for a local food pantry, collected toys for students, and have collected toiletries for the homeless. The Immaculate Heart of Mary Friary friars all minister to the school and celebrate Franciscan Feasts and traditions such as Transitus, Greccio, and Live Stations of the Cross. Friar Matthew shares that “St. Francis knew he was personally known and loved by God and he gave his life to God in return. I hope our students come to know the same thing. I love praying with our guys and teaching them to grow in their prayer and relationship with Jesus Christ, especially in the mass and Eucharistic adoration.” Sharing St. Francis’ life with his students is important to Friar Matthew, he wants to encourage the students to see the strength of prayer and ministry.

To read more about St. Francis’ encounter with the leper, visit: Meeting the Leper

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