An Exciting Rollercoaster

Brandon Greene prepares to arrive at Arroyo,California to begin his Novitiate year. As he sat in the airport waiting for his last plane to arrive to California Brandon shared, “It feels like I've been waiting in line for a roller coaster, and it feels like it has been forever just waiting and waiting, and then suddenly you sit down into the seat, buckle in. I'm not quite aware of what it is that I am exactly doing right now, I am on the first hill I know that it is going to exciting and a bit scary” He is excited to receive his habit, learn more about himself, and take this year to continue his spiritual journey.

Please pray for the students that have arrived in California to begin their Novitiate year.

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AConventual Franciscans, our mission is to give witness to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through the manner of our life together as friars. We continue the Franciscan ministries, spiritual work, and service of healing which was fundamental to St. Francis of Assisi.

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