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Friar Learns About Fraternal Brotherhood During Novitiate Year

Friar Chris Garcia, is finishing his Novitiate year and preparing for his First Profession of Vows. His discernment journey began his junior year in high school, when he had a conversion experience where he recognized that God was real and that he needed to serve him. Years later, after discerning different religious orders, he met Father Tom Czeck, who would preside Mass at the campus ministry. After a few conversations, Friar Chris went to Castro Valley to meet the friar and decided to attend a Come and See Retreat his senior year of college. After being accepted and spending some time at home, he entered the postulancy in July 2015.

With a few weeks remaining before his simple profession, Friar Chris shares that he feels invigorated. He looks forward to making his initial public profession to the Conventual Franciscans and give testimony of religious life. His novitiate year taught him not to be afraid to ask question and how to grow from hardship and mistakes. This past year he was able to learn about fraternal brotherhood and how to live in community.

He looks forwards to continuing his studies in Washington, DC at The Catholic University of America and be a testimony of the beauty of Franciscan Life. As Friar Chris continues he will be working towards priesthood but continues to pray for God to guide him.

For all those discerning Friar Chris encouraged them to be patient and to ask for advice of others who can guide us to God’s plan. He said, “When you rush the process, you miss out on various signs through your journey”.

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