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Meet Our Student- Raad Esho

Matthew 5:14-16, is Radd Eshoo's favorite bible verse, he has been called to be the light of the world by joining the Franciscan life. Raad is from Saskatoon, Canada and was born on June 18th. He is a postulant in Our Lady of the Angels Province, he currently lives in the House of Study in Saint Bonaventure Friary in Chicago, Illinois. There Radd does several ministries around the city. Every Tuesday he helps at St. Thomas of Canterbury Church in the food pantry. As a community, Raad and the other students go every Thursday to a Soup Kitchen and The Little Sister of the Poor. Raad enjoys playing soccer, watching movies, reading books, and traveling. He truly enjoys the fraternity of the Conventual Franciscans. He has found men who have become his brother, men he can share his prayer life, ministries, and take care of people together.

Radd Eshoo's advice to all who are discerning is:

"Life without a useful goal, is waste of time. I would say to those who are discerning to join the Franciscan life, they have to have trust in the Lord's call in their life. As for me and my experience , I was scared of saying yes to God's call , but I wouldn't have made it if I didn't have trust in God. Come and join the meaningful life the Franciscan life."

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