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Meet Our Student- Friar Rich Rome

Friar Rich Rome was born on January 31st in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He is currently a novice in the Our Lady of the Angels Province and resides in Arroyo Grande, California with the other student in the Novitiate house. Friar Rich enjoys to swim, run, cook and do calligraphy. During his year long discernment experience of community life, he minister weekly to the spiritual care department at the regional hospital in Santa Maria. Being in community life he is frequently astounded by how I hear God speaking and answering prayers through his brothers.

Friar Rich Rome's advice to those discerning is:

"First, keep praying and listen to what God is saying to you. Secondly, have a spiritual director who you can help you discern what God is saying in your prayer. Having another person provide a different perspective is crucial in discernment. And finally, if you discern He is calling you to try religious life, don't be afraid to make the leap - it'll seem big at first, but it's worth it."

Google Image found at Faithlife,, Copyright 2017

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