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Meet Our Student- Friar Fabian S. Adderley

Friar Fabian Adderley was born on June 25th at Nassa in the Bahamas. He is currently in the Novice house in Arroyo Grande, California and is part of the Our Lady of the Angels Province. He works in ministry as a spiritual companion at California Men's Honor Farm (Jail) walking in faith with men who are in the process of being release, he also teaches RCIA at the California State Prison. Friar Fabian enjoys to play soccer, run, cook, and boxing. He truly loved the bond, the solemn promise of fraternity the surpasses, culture, race and ethnicity the kindness and love that breaks down intolerance's, indifference and the joy that bring us all together for God's glory and good of all in Franciscan life.

Friar Fabian's advice to those discerning their vocation is:

Be patient in all things, God knows what he’s doing, keep the faith be courageous in your discernment and pray always in all matters.

Psalm 37:23-24 image found in

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