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An Opportunity to Live Life Like St. Francis of Assisi

Friar Rick Riccioli is the chaplain for FrancisCorps, a volunteer program for young adults. This great program was started 20 years ago by the Conventual Franciscans as a way to teach lay people how to help in the church and to learn about the Franciscan life. FrancisCorps is a 50/50 program, the volunteers get to experience the service through their ministry and the community experience comes from living with the other volunteers. These volunteers have the opportunity to minister in New York and Costa Rica. In both locations, they have the chance to help at medical clinics, refugee centers, homeless centers, work with at-risk students at single moms, and many other ministries. Every year, 11 volunteers are chosen from the applicants who apply. Each applicant must commit to the program from August to July. This program comes to no cost to the volunteers but are highly encouraged to fundraise money. A typical day as a volunteer is attending your ministry throughout the day and ending your day with a meal and prayer as community. This program consist of several retreats that help volunteers learn about the life of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi. This great program has given many young adult the opportunity to serve those in need and learn about the real meaning of community.

For more information visit their website at:

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