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Meet Our Student- Dan Hurst

Meet Dan Hurst, he is currently a postulant in Our Lady of Consolation Province. He is from

Muskegon, Michigan, born on January 22nd. As a postulant, Dan Hurst visits the shut-ins at a local Chicago parish near the postulant house in Chicago, IL. He is a musician, cyclist, runner, and photographer. He believes the best part of Franciscan life is the fraternity, he said "My brothers, both classmates and professed in the house, are amazing supporters and a loving family". His favorite bible verse is Ecclesiastes 3:12-13.

His advice to those discerning is:

“Be authentic. God wants you to be you! Our vocation comes from the core of who we are. Being ourselves celebrates the gifts God has uniquely given us and allows us to serve God and our fellow sisters and brothers in ways never done before. "

Bible Verse image credit to: Google Images

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