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Quadrennial 2018 Provincial Chapter

Our Lady of Consolation Province

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Provincial Chapter – Phase One

The Province of Our Lady of Consolation opened its quadrennial Chapter on Monday, April 16. Over the last several days, the Friars elected a new Definitory, the six men who will lead the Province for the next four years.

In pre-Chapter voting, Fr. Wayne Hellmann, OFM Conv., was elected as Minister Provincial. The other members of the Definitory are as follows: Fr. Martin Day (Vicar Provincial); Dcn. Nicholas Wolfla (Provincial Secretary); Fr. Miguel Briseño; Fr. Andy Martinez; Fr. John Pozhathuparambil; and Fr. Mario Serrano.

L to R: Friars John Pozhathuparambil, Miguel Briseno, Mario Serrano, Martin Day, Andy Martinez, Wayne Hellmann, Nicholas Wolfla

Chapter Delegates - Fr. Marco Tasca, Minister General for the Order, is in the front row, fourth from the right.

Our Lady of the Angels Province

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Next week, our friars will participate in the 1st Session of the Second Ordinary Chapter of Our Lady of the Angels Province. All over the world, we Franciscan Friars Conventual gather for Chapters, as fraternal meetings open to the friars of a region or province. Our province holds Ordinary Chapters every four years. Since our province was established in 2014, through the union of Immaculate Conception Province and St. Anthony of Padua Province, this will only be the second Ordinary Chapter for Our Lady of the Angels Province. This First Ordinary Chapter was attended by all of the friars of our entire province, who were healthy enough to attend. This year, Delegate Friars were elected to represent the needs of the rest of the friars of our province. We ask for your prayers as they begin the 1st Session of this process.

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