Friar Angel Experiences El Salvador

"My name is Angel O. Garcia, a Conventual Franciscan friar, who belongs to the St. Joseph of Cupertino Province in California. My experience in El Salvador has been very nice so far. I have been able to spend time with my family and share meals with them. I really enjoyed sharing this experience with them. I reflected on the simplicity that characterizes the typical Salvadorian family. Here, people live with what is necessary. For example, one of the things that is present here in El Salvador is that everything you do, you take the appropriate time to do it. In contrast, life in the US, you must do everything on time and move on to save time and do as much as possible. As a friar, I reflect on how these Salvadorian people have big hearts in such a small territory of land. I identify with them as I was born and grew up here for a time before I moved to the US. The same people who lived with the soon to be Saint Romero continue to struggle for a better future with conditions that they are trying to survive in. These great people believe that faith and life go hand in hand. This is why I can say it is a blessing to be from El Salvador. As a Friar I have a responsibility, I put my trust in God that all the violence and struggles that the people encounter daily may dissolve. I hope that one day they will have better opportunities for themselves and their families. They are children of God with human dignity. "

Friar Angel Garcia finished his undergraduate studies in Loyola University and is currently studying theology in The Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, TX. He is one of many friars who had the opportunity to have a summer experience outside his usual location.

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