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Off to the Windy City!

On June 29, Roberto Macias-Marin and I departed El Paso, Texas to Chicago, IL where Roberto has begun his postulancy program with the Franciscan Friars. He took a year of preparation, discernment, prayer and encouraging and then decided he would like to discern more his call as a future friar. We left El Paso at 6 am and headed to Chicago through San Antonio, Texas with a small layer over. While waiting for our luggage in Chicago, Fr. Brad Milunski texted us saying he was stuck in traffic but would arrive shortly. We waited for the best curbside service we could have from Fr. Brad. We drove into the city and Roberto was given a tour as we drove thru different streets to avoid heavy traffic on Lake Shore Drive. Roberto was the first of eight postulants to arrive at his new home, St. Bonaventure Friary in Chicago, Illinois. He was able to pick his room, unpack his belongings and settle in. Since he was the first of the postulants we were able to explore the city on Saturday and Sunday. One of the days, we went out to find the closest Target and how to use the L train. The following day we had our second postulant arrive, Kyle Gregg. Kyle joined us one of the days as we visited the famous Bean at Millennium Park. We concluded our outing by eating a nice sandwich at a shop not far from the area known as El Cafecito.

We wish Roberto, Kyle and the other six postulants the best year in Chicago during the postulancy.

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