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Two Friars Lead First Pilgrimage to Assisi

St. Francis High School in Athol Springs, NY launched for the first time a pilgrimage for its students to Assisi and Rome. Fourteen students were accompanied with two friars and a lay staff member, which was conducted by two friars from the Franciscan Pilgrimage program from the 14th to the 24th of February.

Throughout their pilgrimage the group followed in the footsteps and experiences of St. Francis in Assisi, Greccio and Rome. They had the opportunity see where he had been born and raised. Especially meaningful were spending time in prayer and reflecting on events leading up to St. Francis’ conversion, praying before the Crucifix, his rebuilding of San Damiano, renouncing all his earthly possessions before the bishop of Assisi, his encounter with the leper and his final passing at St. Mary of the Angels.

Celebrating Mass at the Tomb of St. Francis and spending time in the Basilica built in his memory was a truly special experience. Seeing the significant places in Rome were wonderful, but most memorable for all were the times of prayer and sharing with one another in the quiet places of Assisi. They hope to continue these pilgrimages in the future.

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