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Meet Friar Matt Goodwin

Meet Friar Matt Goodwin from St. Bonaventure Province in Illinois. Friar Matt was born on June 25 and raised in the Wichita, Kansas area. In 2016, Matt graduated from Wichita State University with Bachelors in Social Work. He is currently in the post-novitiate program at San Damiano Friary in San Antonio. He is on his first year in the Lay Ministry Program at Oblate School of Theology. Friar Matt enjoys guitar, heavy metal music, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, hiking, hunting, drag racing, reading inspirational books, and spirituality. He ministers to the sick and homebound by being a presence, and sharing experience, strength, and hope. Communal prayer and the interaction among the community are what he loves about Franciscan life.

Friar Matt's advice to those discerning: "Listen. Listen to the desires and movements of your heart. Listen to God. Listen to your community (family, friends, formators). Understand how each one moves you and the direction it takes. Take action to accept what is of God and reject what is not."

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