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A Time To Look Ahead

Robert Macias

My name is Roberto Macias, I am one of the six postulants currently finishing up our formation in Chicago, IL. In preparation for the next step in our formation we had a retreat in Prior Lake, MN. We had a complete "phone fast", which is having no access to any kind of electronic. I personally found this time valuable to meditate on myself and see how much change the Lord has done in my life since I entered as a postulant. It was a truly a wonderful experience for our early stage of formation and a good time for me to ask “What’s next?". I feel called to persevere and follow my calling as a Franciscan Friar. A day does not transpire that I get reminded why I love my vocation and my desire to fully embrace it. I can say that my postulant brothers also enjoyed the reflection time we were given, and took advantage to further their prayer life through their journaling. The retreat was led by Brother Jim Moore from the Our Lady of the Angels Province. It was his first time leading a retreat like this and it was a blessing to have him share this retreat with us, it is one of him many gifts. Overall, this retreat was a great experience and opportunity filled with great prayer and internal reflection. I appreciated the retreat, because our Postulancy year will be over in two months and it is great to look ahead at the plans that God has prepared for each of us postulants and for our vocation.

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