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Saint Anthony of Padua Feast Day

Saint Anthony of Padua's feast day is celebrated on June 13th. A Franciscan Friar born on August 5, 1195 in Lisbon, Portugal by the name of Fernando de Boullion. After much study in different schools, Saint Anthony joined the Franciscan order in 1220. He preached to many including the friars and lived the way of St. Francis. After the passing of Saint Francis in 1226, Saint Anthony of Padua was named the Minister Provincial of Romagna-Emilia, however he resigned his position in 1230. He wanted to continue preaching the Good News. Saint Anthony's passion in his preaching gave him the title of “Hammer of Heretics". As he preached outside of Padua, Saint Anthony became very ill and asked to be taken back to Padua for his final destination. Saint Anthony did not make it back and on June 13, 1231, Saint Anthony died in Arcella. On May 30, 1232 in Spoleto, Italy he was canonized a Saint by Pope Gregory IX and declared a doctor of the church on January 16, 1946 by Pope Pius XII. Saint Anthony is often depicted with infant Jesus. This portrait reflects the appearance that St. Anthony experienced in1231, when Jesus appeared to Saint Anthony in the form of a child during his prayer. Saint Anthony is the patron saint of lost things and many pray to find their spouse. When his body was exhumed, his tongue was intact and incorrupt and can be found displayed in the Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua along with his jaw bone. San Antonio, TX is indeed named after this doctor of the church and Franciscan Friar. On his special day, we pray for his intercession that more men may join the Franciscan life and preach the Gospel of God. May his life be an example of the vows each of our friars live by.

Prayer to Saint Anthony

Saint Anthony, great wonder-worker, intercede for us that God may grant us our request if it be for the good of our soul.

Saint Anthony, be our patron, our protector, and our advocate in life and in death.

Saint Anthony, attentive to those who invoke thee, grant us the aid of thy powerful intercession for the grace of holy purity, meekness, humility, obedience, the spirit of poverty, and perfect abandonment to the will of God.

Saint Anthony, servant of Mary, obtain for us greater devotion to the blessed Mother of God.


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