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Friar Reflects on His Discernment Story and Jonah, the prophet

Friar John Bamman, in a recent interview by Eddie Bauer reflects on how his life was similar to Jonah, the prophet's. He shared that he always felt the call to religious life, however, he wasn't ready for his calling. Friar John was content in his life, he had a good life with a great job. He realized that God had other plans for him after receiving a pink slip at his job. Friar John explains the "Jonah effect". Many people resist their vocation just as Jonah, but Friar John is testimony that following God's calling is satisfying and brings happiness. Living your vocation includes sharing your gifts and talents with the community. Hear more about his story at:

If you are interested in more information about discernment in the Conventual Franciscan life, contact one of the Vocation Directors.

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